One way Target uses social media to extend its fun, contemporary and upbeat image is by giving people the opportunity to play alongside the company with posts, tweets and videos.  The customers gets their chance at the spotlight, much like fans at a sporting event who get to see themselves live, up on the scoreboard, during a game.

A lot of the videos on Target’s YouTube site are Target’s own television spots.  They give people an opportunity to comment and rate their favorites.  They also let people send in videos that are home made with a Target theme.  Sometimes, it’s hard to discern what the connection is.  For instance, recently you could see the following homemade videos posts:

  • a bear eating ice cream
  • an in-store flash mob
  • an Israeli celebration of . . . ?

On the Target’s Facebook page there are weekly drop down ads along with the company’s responses to customer questions.  For instance, one customer was seeking help in using Target’s wedding gift registry.  Occasionally, you can also find subversive posts by unhappy employees, customers and corporate critics.  For instance, recently on Twitter there were posts from a dissatisfied employee, and another posts in response from a dissatisfied ex-employee, reinforcing the company criticism voiced.  Although the posts weren’t up for long, it shows the vulnerability of the platform.

For the most part, I think Target does a pretty good job of reinforcing their image as the best destination where everything you need for a fun and carefree lifestyle can be had for a competitive price.

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