Cleveland Clinic has taken out the fear of going to the doctor.  The Clinic has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  The Clinic is making it easy for patients to ask questions, access information and feel comfortable about treatment.  According to Paul Matsen, the Clinic’s Chief Marketing Officer, “We have designed our social networking channels to increase access to health information and to provide feedback opportunities that encourage conversations among patients and caregivers.”

The patient can now receive test results, make appointments and order prescriptions through various portals on the Clinic’s webpage.  There, the Clinic provides daily Clinic news, updates and health & wellness information.  It also provides videos describing procedures, treatment options, and methods of care.  In addition, they provide patient testimonials about procedures that help take the worry away for those who may be facing a similar test or procedure.

The clinic appears to have done a lot of thinking and planning in their use of social media.  Their approach seems carefully calibrated to cultivate trust in the community they are trying to reach.