This week’s post is about three marketing videos, selected by me for what I think is representative of a good marketing video.

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Demo – Official Video

Apple is right up front with the purpose of this video.  It seduces us with the gadget’s ‘cool factor’.  It makes us want to be as together and on top of it as the people featured.  This is a really quick, upbeat demonstration of the versatility of Siri – a voice assist feature.  The closing sequence of a young blind woman at home, responding to a dinner invitation brings in an audio fragment of Ray Charles’ (tell me) ‘What’d I Say’.

I loved this ending for the really great way it brings home the voice activated feature of the 4S.  The content works throughout the video to reinforce the message.

1:33 min., 85,004 hits

2012 Passat Commercial:  Life in the Express Lane

This entertaining, fast-moving, very short video, uses quick edits, bouncy music, and the world seen through a small child’s eyes.  It shows a little boy, white-knuckled, as he steers the toy car attached to the front of his mother’s grocery cart through a series of hazards en-route to the check-out counter.  When they finally arrive, the tension filled icing on the cake is when he is rear ended by a pair of decidedly menacing looking twins in the toy car of the cart behind.  Cut to the end, and he breathes a sigh of relief as he’s tucked safely inside his mom’s new Passat.

A voice over at the end brings home the point that the 2012 Passat is an IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) top safety pick, deftly targeting the key audience.  The device of analogy: a child navigating falling produce, spilled milk and soda bottles cascading in the grocery aisle is fresh, novel and very effective.

31 sec., 28,082 hits

PBS Rebrand 2009

This video artfully combines over 600 images.  It uses vivid colors and gorgeous music to engage the viewer for a duration of a full two minutes.  PBS has a bit of a challenge, because what they’re marketing is very hard to quantify – it’s completely intangible.   Still, what they’re offering their targeted audience, for their time, is a whole world of new experiences.

The video shows us the wide variety of programming that PBS offers, and invites us – makes us want – to learn, to explore and to tune in by watching PBS.

2 min., 3,606 hits

Conclusion:  What I Think Makes a Good YouTube Marketing Video

  • Target your audience
  • Your content should be engaging , it should hold your audience by being  entertaining, educational or enlightening . . . something people will want to share
  • They should be 2 minutes or less, unless it’s a tutorial or ‘How To’ video
  • Keep things moving, don’t be static
  • Music can move the video along, and can underscore a point
  • Clearly demonstrate the product that you’re marketing
  • Be real about what it can do – don’t stretch the truth