One of the class posts I really like is Anthony’s Week 3 post on Marshall McLuhan.  The post is clear and concise, but it doesn’t leave anything out, either.  I especially appreciate the way he explains the Tetrad in relation to social media.  I think it’s a very effective analysis.

Anthony’s blog has the additional advantage of presenting a clean and uncluttered appearance.  His use of color, typography and whitespace is skillful. The total effect is attractive and visually inviting, and allows his message to stand out.

The other post I selected for this week’s assignment is Amanda M.’s, also about McLuhan, Marshall McLuhan Takes A Look Into the Future.  While one of Anthony’s posts key strengths is its straightforward objectivity, the thing that appeals to me about Amanda’s post is the personal insight she offers.  She draws you in, wondering what effects social media will have on our lives, and what will be next?  Amanda relates how, although she had previously not known about McLuhan and his work, she realizes now that she’s seen and lived many of the changes that he predicted.  Plus, Amanda found a really excellent audio video montage on McLuhan and his ideas, and included it at the top of her post.  The montage is a wonderful creative accent that speaks volumes, and it’s a great find.