Social media marketing is about achieving your goals by first satisfying your target audiences needs and goals.

  • what is the right Product for your customer?
  • is it offered at the right Price?
  • is it offered in the right Place?
  • effective Promotion is what delivers customer matches to your product, advantageous pricing, and last, but certainly not least, ACCESS for the customer to the product!

Social media marketing isn’t an instantaneous marvel of commerce, it’s really a long term investment.  Business will not be booming the next day.  Social media marketing will provide a steady stream of information about your target audience, allowing you to cultivate specialized knowledge and build lasting relationships.

Social media marketing demands diligent planning.  What are your goals?  Who is your target audience? What are their goals and needs?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  What are your competitors doing?  What are the best social media channels to reach your target audience?  And those are just of few of the many more questions to be asked during the planning process.

Metrics are imperative, from start to finish, and they’re part of the planning process too.  Being able to measure progress and reach goals can only happen with clearly established benchmarking.  Marketing is a process, and markets are fluid.  Metrics can help you anticipate when it’s time to switch gears, change strategies, and adapt to your target audiences wants and needs.