Crowdsourcing?  Is it a good idea for an instructor to solicit changes to an assignment from his students?

It depends.  This class is a first-run effort.  The meteoric growth of social media is a relatively new phenomenon.  If the objective of the class, as stated, is to provide a positive student outcome and valuable content, then soliciting feedback from your students seems appropriate and useful.

Here are two thoughts for inclusion in the Semester Project:

  1. There should be some time devoted to considering how traditional media can work in conjunction with social media for superior results.
  2. There is a feast of knowledge proffered on the website, but getting a student to sign-up for classes is the point of action desired. For institutions of higher learning such as LCCC, their service is intangible, but it can also be enticing. How will the social media campaign motivate the prospective student to commit to LCCC, and especially it’s Business Division?  Focusing on converting customer engagement through social media to commitment on the Business Division’s website is critical.