• Timothy Kraft, Web Professional

I particularly like this post in the way he applies with keen insight the tetrad to the current technology and media environment.  His tetrad diagrams showing the darker, flip side of social media are persuasive.

Mind Before You Mine, McLuhan’s Tetrad Applied to Internet

  • Suzemuze, Communications Professional

I like this post too, and pretty much agree with all of it, especially this sentence near the end:

. . . in McLuhan’s estimation, it means we’re going to have to think very carefully about how we’re making tools for the generations coming up behind us.

What Marshal McLuhan Knew About Social Media

  • Andrew Keen is an entrepreneur, author and social media critic.

In his book The Cult of the Amateur, How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture, Keen offers up his concerns about social media. He addresses how the quality and reliability of information can erode society’s ability/inclination to engage in critical thinking.

The book was reviewed in the New York Times’ Books of the Times, by Michiko Kakutani in June of 2007.


  • I came across this interesting page, McLuhan, Web 2.0 Master, by prolific blogger Kevin Kelly.  He talks about how McLuhan was able to forecast our future with social media.


  • Finally, Clay Shirky, Academic and Social Media Theorist is shown in a great video on TED That I came across During my research for this weeks assignment. It brings home the fact that the old-line media types can no longer control the message by themselves.  Those that once were consumers are now publishers in their own right, not just consumers; they are assuming control of the media, just as McLuhan predicted. It’s worth looking at:

Clay Shirky:  How Social Media Can Make History